Ravens news: Steve Bisciotti was shocked by C.J. Mosley's Jets contract
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Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti was shocked by C.J. Mosley’s contract with Jets

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The Baltimore Ravens lost middle linebacker C.J. Mosley to the New York Jets, who signed him to an $85 million deal this offseason. There was talk recently that Jets coach Adam Gase thought the team overpaid for Mosley. And it seems Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti agrees.

As Bisciotti told Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic, the Ravens were just not willing to match the contract the Jets had offered Mosley and decided to let him sign there.

“We were a little disheartened that we found the number for inside linebackers was indeed going through the roof,” Biscotti said. “I don’t want to say that it caught us flat-footed. But the numbers, it was a shocking number and something that C.J. deserves. I think the world of him, but I would not have wanted to put a franchise tag on him and then hold him here if we weren’t planning on offering that kind of money. When we got wind that it was going to be that high, we thought the right thing to do was to let him sign there with the Jets.”

While it was a tough decision to let a terrific player like Mosley walk away, the Ravens likely made the right one long-term. As great as Mosley is, what the Jets offered him was quite rich for an inside linebacker.

It certainly won’t be easy to replace Mosley and all he meant to the Ravens’ defense. But Bisciotti and the team made their decision, and it sounds as if they firmly stand by it.