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Ravens video: Lamar Jackson shows impressive touch on big passing play

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are now in the second year of the Lamar Jackson era, with the team facing the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday in an exhibition game. So far, so good. The quarterback drilled a 30-yard pass to his wide receiver Chris Moore in his first drive. Jackson drove right on a play-action play, then threw an accurate pass on the run.

Much has been said about Jackson’s accuracy since entering the NFL. He struggled with it as a rookie, completing 58.2% of his passes on the year. But, he’s made improvement in the area a focal point, and it shows in the above preseason highlight.

To improve his accuracy, Jackson must improve on his mechanics; which he’s done. He acknowledged that in an interview with BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink, saying,

[Mechanics] had a lot to do with it [poor accuracy. I was probably getting lazy, trying to make things happen with just my arm and not following through with my legs, and it showed a lot. I would throw an inaccurate ball.

Keeping a wide base, throwing out-breaking routes. Just trying to be spot-on with my accuracy, trying to work on every attribute I can.

I don’t feel like I’m the best I can be. You’ll have to see when the season comes. I’m still working.

Though the regular season hasn’t yet come, Jackson’s hard work is already on display in the preseason. Later on, in the first quarter, the former Heisman Trophy winner found Moore again for a touchdown to put the Ravens up 7-0.