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Rays’ Tyler Glasnow’s mom is sick of her son swearing on live TV

Rays, Tyler Glasnow

Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Tyler Glasnow has been one of the best pitchers in baseball early in the 2021 season. He is also still being scolded by his mother for excessive use of cuss words.

Glasnow unleashed some expletives during Wednesday’s start for the Rays against the Oakland Athletics. He said during his postgame press conference his mother shot a text imploring him to stop swearing:

“My mom texted me like, ‘You got to stop cussing on TV,'” Glasnow said, via TMZ. “‘Like, cover your mouth or something!'”

The 27-year-old Rays flamethrower admitted he could probably do a better job of keeping it in:

“There’s some swear words going on when everything kind of goes well or someone does well,” Glasnow said, per TMZ. “So, I should work on covering my mouth like my mom said.”

Hot mics picked up Glasnow’s reaction to a ball off the bat of Vimael Machin in the seventh inning of Thursday’s game between the A’s and the Rays.

Machin crushed one into deep center field, and Glasnow’s cuss word was quite discernible on the hot mic. But the right-hander was in for a pleasant surprise, as Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier tracked the ball down to make an outstanding catch.

Glasnow’s reaction to the grab by his Rays teammate was absolutely priceless.

Truthfully, Glasnow has not needed a whole lot of defensive aid this season.

The fireballer has overpowered opposing hitters all year, striking out 56 in 37.2 innings of work and posting a 1.67 ERA through his first six starts for the Rays.

Glasnow might be trending towards an American League Cy Young in the near future. In that case, his mother can likely only hope he does not devise an acceptance speech laced with foul language.