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The reason for Tiger Woods’ car accident, according to forensic experts

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was involved in an unfortunate car accident earlier this week and fortunately didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries.

With many people curious as to how he crashed his car, forensic experts imply that Woods could have been asleep at the wheel when the incident occurred:

“To me, this is like a classic case of falling asleep behind the wheel, because the road curves and his vehicle goes straight,” said Jonathan Cherney, a consultant who provides car accident analysis as an expert witness in court cases, via USA TODAY’s Brent Schrotenboer. Cherney, a former police detective, examined the Woods’ crash site in person since the accident on Tuesday.

After looking into the situation, a few experts have concluded with the evidence they currently have that Woods wasn’t paying attention to the road before crashing his car. They said in the surveillance video of the accident, Woods continued to go straight while the road curved to the right.

The legendary golfer was driving near Los Angeles when his vehicle gradually left its lane and went into the median. It would then go off the road and hit a tree, causing Woods to sustain fractures in his legs. The fact that Woods broke bones in his lower right leg shows that he could have been braking at the time of impact, per the experts.

Tiger Woods has since undergone surgery on his injuries and is said to be in “good spirits” after his scary accident. If Woods was going faster than he was when he hit the tree, the golfer could have been fighting for his life, according to the experts. Regardless of how the accident occurred, we are glad that Woods is doing well early in his recovery process.