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A rebranding has occurred within the Clippers organization

The Los Angeles Clippers are now the L.A. Clippers. If you had to read that over, you might not be alone.

The franchise that changed their logo and uniform last year has subtly transitioned from the Los Angeles title to “L.A.” instead.

Mike Chamernik of Uni Watch explains it all in this quote:

“The Los Angeles Clippers not only changed their name, but they did it a year ago. No one has seemed to notice. Yes, they are still known as the Clippers. The L.A. Clippers.


As in, that’s their location name. Not just an abbreviation.

The proof is everywhere. The Clippers refer to themselves as the L.A. (or, sometimes LA) Clippers on their own website, and on their various social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram.

NBA.com refers to them as the L.A. Clippers in stories, transactions listings, and site menus, even when mentioning the Los Angeles Lakers (who still go by the full city name).

And now, ESPN.com has all references to the city name as LA, both on the team’s page, and in standings and schedules.

One of my key pieces of evidence is the team’s media guide (PDF), which says copyright L.A. Clippers.”

Why is this such a big deal? It’s actually purposely not meant to be.

The Clippers changing their logo and uniform was going to be a very obvious thing that the team couldn’t hide — so they did their best attempt at announcing it without calling to attention how badly they wanted to detach from their old reputation.

The humor on this video allows for the comedic aspect to take over and supplant the dark cloud that was the Donald Sterling incident and the long time back seat they’ve taken to the Lakers.

Changing their name to L.A. Clippers might not catch on immediately, but it will eventually take effect, just like people got used to saying Miami Marlins or Memphis Grizzlies.

This change will give due justice to a franchise that has turned around from being the laughing stock of the NBA to a team that has made the playoffs the past five seasons — winning 50 games or more in the past four.

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