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Red Sox outfielder Jarren Duran vocal on embarrassing lowlight that led to Raimel Tapia inside-the-park grand slam

Red Sox, Jarren Duran

This… is not a good night to be a Boston Red Sox fan or player. Off the heels of a bad two-game stretch against the Yankees, the team completely fell apart against the Toronto Blue Jays. The result is one of the most embarrassing performances by an MLB team in recent memory, as the Red Sox were destroyed 28 – 5.

The lowlight of the game came in the third inning, as the Blue Jays were starting to bury the Red Sox. With the bases loaded and one more out left, Raimel Tapia hit what looked like to be an easy fly out to stop the bleeding. In a bizarre turn of events, center fielder Jarren Duran seemingly miscalculated where the ball would drop. The result: an inside-the-park grand slam for the Jays. (via Sportsnet)

After the game, Duran explained what exactly happened during that embarrassing gaffe. The Red Sox outfielder said that he lost track of the ball in the twilight, leading him to move too far forward. After that, his fellow outfielders Alex Verdugo and Jackie Bradley Jr. backed him up and tried to salvage the play.

“I just lost it in the twilight… It’s the most helpless feeling you could ever feel… Dugie was right there already. Obviously I should have taken a step or two. But he was already going to beat me to the ball so I just didn’t want to get in his way.”

That unfortunate play perfectly summed up how the Red Sox’ outing on Friday night went. Hopefully, Jarren Duran and the team could put this loss behind them and bounce back from their defeat.