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‘Sums up our season’: Alex Cora drops truth bomb on Red Sox after brutal loss to Yankees

Alex Cora, JD Martinez, Boston Red Sox

The 2022 season just hasn’t worked out great for manager Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox. Only a season after finishing 92-70 and even making it as far as the American League Championship Series where they pushed the Houston Astros to six games, the Red Sox are stuck at the bottom of the ever-competitive AL East with a 69-74 record. It’s only gotten worse for the Red Sox, as they recently lost to longtime rivals New York Yankees in a quick two-game set, but it was in how they lost that’s gonna break the hearts of Cora and Red Sox fans alike.

In the first game of the series, the Red Sox lost 7-6 in extra innings, allowing a bases-clearing double from Gleyber Torres but not before allowing two bombs to Aaron Judge, who’s chasing history. And now in the second game, the Red Sox’ comeback bid hit an unfortunate end in the eighth inning, losing 5-3 after first baseman JD Martinez failed to step on the first base bag, leading to an inning-ending double play. Alex Cora could do nothing but throw his hands up in the air after the game, conceding Martinez’ unfortunate play as symbolic of the Red Sox’ season.

“That kind of sums up our season there,” Cora said after the game. “Like just short throughout the season in certain games.”

JD Martinez was initially called safe after it was assumed that he beat out the throw from Torres, but the Yankees challenged the play, revealing Martinez’ inopportune error. Nevertheless, Alex Cora gave props to Martinez for running as fast as he could out of the batter’s box, but he acknowledged that things will not go your way all the time even if you give it your all.

“He was hustling,” Cora said about Martinez. “That’s all he has there. It’s not lack of effort. It’s the other way around. […] It just kind of sums up everything. Just short. We are where we are because we’re short in certain areas and we haven’t been able to finish games.”

Alex Cora and the Red Sox surely couldn’t wait for a fresh start the 2023 season promises. For now, Cora will look to rally his troops and ensure that they close the gap on the inch they keep on coming up short with this season.