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Redskins RB Adrian Peterson has ‘it factor’ like LaDainian Tomlinson says Bill Callahan

LaDainian Tomlinson, Redskins, Adrian Peterson

The Washington Redskins finally ended their losing streak by barely eking out a win against the Miami Dolphins. Thanks to Adrian Peterson’s heroics, the team finally managed to add a notch to their win column.

Interim head coach Bill Callahan couldn’t help but sing praises for the future Hall Of Famer. He actually compared him to another legendary running back in LaDainian Tomlinson.

Zachary Neel of Redskins Wire recounted Callahan’s high praise for the 34-year-old. He said that the 13-year veteran has what it takes to fully transform games to one where he can showcase his dominance. The stat sheet proves just that as he finished with an impressive performance.

He was easily the best man on the field for both sides. He managed 118 yards against a hapless Miami run defense on only 23 carries. While he wasn’t able to finish with a touchdown, it’s still an impressive feat that he managed to complete considering the advanced age he’s in at this point in his career.

If we don’t put Peterson’s outstanding performance in this one, the game was a rather boring affair. Neither team was able to provide entertaining football to the fans that came to see the game. Case Keenum didn’t register 200 passing yards and wasn’t able to complete 50 percent of his passes. Josh Rosen botched his start by throwing two interceptions, forcing Dolphins coach Brian Flores to switch out to Ryan Fitzpatrick for another uninspiring outing.

This is a victory that plenty of Redskins fans aren’t big fans of. However, they’re just happy that the team got it done. Moreover, Redskins Nation is probably just glad that Peterson was there to help them through.

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