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Redskins OL Donald Penn will get major workload during the preseason

Redskins news: Donald Penn will get major workload during the preseason

The Washington Redskins ran into a major problem earlier this offseason when it became known that superstar left tackle Trent Williams wasn’t happy. Williams was holding out with no end in sight and Washington didn’t have a backup plan.

Then they went out and signed veteran Donald Penn – giving them a solid tackle should things with Williams not be resolved. That appears to be the situation now, as Williams is apparently doubling-down on his desire to never play for the Redskins again.

Due to that, the Redskins seem to need to adjust to life without him from now on. That would include making sure Penn is ready to go for Week 1. They appear to be doing just that, according to Chris Roling of RedskinsWire.com.

”Yeah, I think he’s a veteran, yes, but I still think he needs to play a lot. He played a little bit early for the Raiders last year. But just getting back into the groove. You’ve got to get back into football shape, work on his pass sets going back to left tackle, getting used to out terminology, cadence, all that. I think this will be a good game for him to just get back into the flow and get used to the way we talk [about] things, listen to our language and go from there. So far he’s progressed along pretty good.”

As you can tell, this isn’t simply due to the fact that he’s set to be the starter suddenly. This also has a lot to do with the fact that Penn didn’t play much last season and signed later than most this year.

That would indicate that Washington was going give him a lot of extra playing time this preseason no matter what.

Whatever the reasoning though, it’s clear that you should expect a lot of Donald Penn this preseason. In fact, you should expect a lot of him all year. It looks like he’s the Washington Redskins starting left tackle.