Redskins news: Kendall Fuller says he can't wait to win a Super Bowl
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Kendall Fuller says he can’t wait to win a Super Bowl with Redskins

Kendall Fuller, Redskins

The Washington Redskins selected cornerback Kendall Fuller in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

In 2017, he enjoyed a breakout year. Washington capitalized on this by trading him to the Kansas City Chiefs for quarterback Alex Smith. This was a move with which a lot of fans were upset, as they didn’t want to lose the rising star that was Fuller.

After two years with the Chiefs, Fuller became a free agent, and he returned to the Redskins on a four-year deal worth $40-million.

On Wednesday, he took to Instagram to express his excitement of being back with Washington—and tell everyone that he’s ready to win another Super Bowl.

Fuller won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs in 2019-20, so he definitely knows the feeling. However, he’s clearly hungry for more.

The Redskins have a way to go, as they went 3-13 last season, a far cry from a Super Bowl contender.

That being said, Fuller definitely speeds up the process. As will the second overall pick they have in the 2020 draft, who many expect to be used on pass rusher, Chase Young.

From a personal point, Fuller’s 2019 season was not as highlight-filled as his previous seasons. Yes, his team won the Super Bowl. But as an individual, he recorded zero interceptions and had just two pass deflections (after having double-digit pass deflections in each of the prior two seasons).

However, Fuller was still extremely effective in 11 games for the Chiefs. He’s a very talented cornerback who can play anywhere he is needed. He can line up inside or outside and help the team just as much either way.

What’s even better, he’s still just 25. Fuller may not have even reached his prime yet. Which means the best might be yet to come.

This gives Washington a much needed boost in the secondary, and it definitely helps that Fuller seems extremely excited to be there. A new era could be on the horizon for the Redskins.