Redskins news: NFL analyst thinks Washington can make playoffs with Colt McCoy
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NFL analyst thinks Washington Redskins can make playoffs with Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy, Redskins

As of right now, the Washington Redskins look like they will be heading into the 2019 campaign with Colt McCoy as their starting quarterback. Will that be enough for the Redskins to actually be successful?

Former NFL signal-caller Chris Simms seems to think so.

“I think you could go to the playoffs with Colt McCoy,” Simms said on NBC Sports’ Redskins Talk podcast.

Simms then kind of took a subtle shot at Alex Smith, who will likely be sidelined all of next season while recovering from a gruesome broken leg injury he suffered back in Week 11.

“Colt is a little bit of a risk taker,” said Simms. “I think franchise quarterbacks win games, I think Alex Smith more doesn’t lose games…You need a quarterback who will take some chances and make some plays.”

So, basically, Simms is calling Smith a game manager, which has been the general consensus on Smith ever since he came into the league. But is McCoy really a better option? Simms thinks as long as he and the Redskins stay healthy, he very well may be.

“I think if there’s a proper team around Colt McCoy, he can bring [the Redskins] to the playoffs, but health is a big issue,” Simms said.

Simms also said that it’s not just about the quarterback position; it’s about the ballclub as a whole.

“It’s about the team,” Simms said. “We’re in this generation right now where it’s the quarterback… He’s the only reason we win, he’s the only reason we lose, doesn’t really matter about the 21 other guys on the field anymore.”