Redskins rumors: Interest in moving up is 'Bruce Allen being Bruce Allen'
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Redskins trade interest in moving up in the draft is ‘Bruce Allen being Bruce Allen’

Bruce Allen

The news that the Washington Redskins had been making calls about a potential trade into the top-5 picks in tonight’s first round of the NFL draft was surprising. The news that the team might be trying to trade up for Duke quarterback Daniel Jones was even more shocking. Should we really be surprised, though?

As one source said to NBC Sports on Wednesday afternoon, “It’s Bruce Allen being Bruce Allen.”

Per the source, Allen has a habit of making phone calls regarding possible draft trades, in the days preceding the draft. It costs nothing to pick up the phone, and even if there’s no benefit, he enjoys the fact that it moves the needle.

This year, it possibly caused more than needles to move in New York, given that a jump to No. 5 would put Washington one spot in front of the Giants, who also need a QB. Still, it all appears to indeed be a smokescreen.

JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reports that the team doesn’t plan to trade up.

But that doesn’t, perhaps shouldn’t, stop Allen from making all the calls he wants to make, if for no reason other than to entertain himself with headlines, which we all know he likes to make.

That said, the team may be planning something big. But the something big it may be planning likely will not entail a trade up into the top 5. Finally, all this speculation and pandering is about to come to a merciful end.