Redskins news: Washington releases new merchandise, potential name
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Washington releases new merchandise, could provide clue to future name

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The Washington Football Team has new merchandise to go along with their new (temporary) name. While a lot of people were not exactly thrilled with this new merchandise, there may be a reason for them to get excited with the team moving on from the Redskins moniker.

According to Bryan DeArdo of, Washington might be laying hints in this new merchandise about their potential new name.

To be fair to DeArdo, he is not claiming to know anything for certain. He is just pointing out a few observations that he made.

The “W” obviously stands for Washington, but could it also stand for “Warriors.” Which is one of the nicknames that gained the most steam this offseason? After all, it would be weird for the logo to say “Washington W” if the “W” stood for Washington again.

DeArdo also points out a “flying” theme. The letters look like they could be “lifting off” or flying in a way. And that could point to a few nicknames. Those nicknames include the “Washington Redtails” and the “Washington Red Hawks”.

Those are all names that were thrown around pretty heavily this offseason. Then DeArdo goes off the beaten path a little bit.

He points to the fact that there is a “lightning bolt” vibe to some of the letter and he ponders on “Washington Bolts” and “Washington Shockers” for a second, but then seems to think better of it.

DeArdo also suggests the “Washington Arrows” and “Washington Admirals” to finish the article.

All of those names are possible, and it’s very possible that the franchise designed some of the merchandise with a name already in mind. So it’s definitely not a bad idea to look deeply into them and try and find some clues.

Was DeArdo spot on with any of his guesses? Or did he miss a few obvious ones? Maybe the franchise hid something deep in the merchandise? Or maybe they made the merchandise with no name in mind and we’re all over-analyzing this way too much.

For now though, we don’t know what the new name of the Washington Football Team will be (other than it not being Redskins). So all we can really do is keep guessing.