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REPORT: Washington turned down offer of first-round pick for Trent Williams

Redskins news: Washington turned down offer of first-round pick for Trent Williams

The Washington Redskins and left tackle Trent Williams have had their issues recently. They culminated in the superstar not reporting to camp and still not being with the team as of right now.

Things have gotten so bad that it’s been reported Williams wants to be done with the team entirely.

However, the Redskins don’t seem to be done with it. A while back, it was reported that they’d listen to trade offers. Now it’s clear that only if a team truly blows them away will they even consider it though.

Now, this isn’t to say a first-round pick might not be enough. Remember, this is a first-round pick from the New England Patriots – a team that’s in the Super Bowl almost yearly at this point.

Add in Trent Williams and that team’s only getting better. With that in mind, this would be a very late first-round pick.

Yes, the talent is still amazing in the NFL Draft, but the Redskins probably feel like one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL is worth more than a late first-rounder.

With that being said though, it’s still a first-round pick. It’s telling that the Redskins didn’t make this move. You’d imagine it would be an ideal situation because they’d drop his contract and get future assets, saving money and getting back something extremely valuable in return.

This could mean that they still believe there’s a chance the relationship could be mended. Or they simply believe an even better offer could be on the horizon.

Whatever the case, Trent Williams is still on the Redskins at the moment. For how much longer isn’t known – but at least now we know it will take more than a single first-round pick to snatch him up.