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Redskins were interested in Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator

Gregg Williams, Redskins

The Washington Redskins are eyeing Gregg Williams as a potential candidate for the still-vacant defensive coordinator position.

While, ultimately, Gregg Williams accepted a position with the New York Jets under incoming head coach Adam Gase — presumably because they wanted him more — the Redskins were sincerely considering the former Buffalo Bills head coach.

The Jets will, no doubt, appreciate Williams’ near-patented style of running aggressive, attacking 4–3 schemes that put heavy pressure on opposing quarterbacks. The Jets could use that kick in the collective behind.

Despite his formidable and in-demand coaching style, Gregg Williams is not without his controversies.

As many fans of the game already know, Williams was suspended from coaching due to his participation in the New Orleans Saints “bountygate scandal.”

In what could possibly give a whole new meaning to the term “putting heavy pressure on opposing quarterbacks,” Williams — and other participants — would pay a bounty to players that were causing injuries to take targeted players on opposing teams out of games. Players who did this would earn between $1000 and $1500 for each player that they would “take out,” and would earn more in the off-season than they would in the “on” season.

Later, it was revealed that Gregg Williams had done the same thing on the other teams he’d coached — namely, the Bills and the Redskins. Perhaps it was his role in the so-called “Bountygate” that ultimately scared the Redskins off from working with him again.

Hopefully, the same thing doesn’t happen with the New York Jets, as well.