Ref told Sam Bradford he wasn't hit on face mask during key play
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Ref told Sam Bradford he wasn’t hit on facemask during 2-point conversion attempt

Sam Bradford

The end of last night’s CowboysVikings showdown wasn’t short on drama or controversy.

Following a Minnesota touchdown with 25 seconds to go, the offense remained on the field for a potential game-tying 2-point conversion. Sam Bradford dropped back, and as the pocket collapsed, he threw a dart into double coverage. The ball sailed out of the end zone, but right after Bradford let the ball go, Cowboys defensive tackle Cedric Thornton appeared to make contact with Bradford’s helmet.

The referees didn’t see it that way.

With no flag thrown, Bradford stormed over to head official Tony Corrente, who didn’t give the most thorough explanation for the lack of a penalty.

From Bernie Augustine of NY Daily News:

“Um, he told me that I did not get hit in the face mask,” Bradford told reporters afterward.

You be the judge:

As reporters peppered him with more questions, Bradford pulled back on his criticism, likely to avoid a fine. More from Augustine:

“I mean, I saw the replay but I’d probably have to look at it closer. I just got a glimpse of it.”

His teammate, Brian Robinson, wasn’t afraid to express his full feelings on the matter, and officiating in general:

“I’m sick and tired of the reffing in this league right now,” Robison said. “I’m sick and tired of it. You’ve got holding calls all over the place that people don’t want to call. Bradford gets hit in the face at the end of the game and you don’t call it. I’m not laying this loss on reffing, but at some point it’s got to get better.”

He’s probably going to get fined for that. He knows it, and he’s OK with it.

“It gets to a point where it’s too frustrating … I’m probably going to get fined for this, I understand that,” Robinson continued, “but somebody has got to step up and say something.”

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