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Video: Reggie Bullock opens up about his murdered transgender sibling

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For two years, Detroit Pistons forward Reggie Bullock has lived with knowing his transgender sister was murdered, and hasn’t talked about it until now.

Bullock recently visited Fox Sports 1’s “The Herd” show to finally open up about his sibling.

He spoke about his brother-turned-sister named Mia Henderson, and how he found out about her death in Baltimore in 2014, among other topics.

He taught me how to be myself, he taught me how to take care of the family, how to just be — he was happy with the way he was. He wasn’t worried about how others felt about him. A person who could isolate the whole world about other peoples’ feelings is a strong person to me. That was one of the biggest things I got from him.

There was a suspect charged in the murder of Bullock’s sister, but that doesn’t ease the pain of a lost life.

You can watch the segment of the show below.