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Release date for Apex Legends: Emergence has been announced

EA Play Live Apex Legends Emergence Respawn

The latest trailer for Apex Legends’ latest season has just been revealed at EA Play Live and boy was it exhilarating.

A couple of days ago, we finally got the reveal for Apex Legends’ latest playable Legend Seer. And at EA Play Live, we got a chance to see the latest trailer for the upcoming season titled “Emergence”.  We saw a few of our favorite legends through the eye of Seer as he laid the smackdown on Revenant. The trailer also showed us the altered World’s Edge map and fans of the game absolutely cannot wait to experience it first-hand.

We’ll also be getting the much-awaited Ranked Arenas for Apex Legends, It will be “the next evolution of the new 3-on-3 Arenas mode that’s sure to make these high-stakes contests even more competitive,” Ranked Arenas will give players the ability to climb the ranks and show off their skill rating. They’ll be able to test themselves against other evenly matched competitors through players’ rating scores. The new Rampage LMG weapon will also be making its devastating debut. Maybe it can finally give the Spitfire a run for its money.

A gameplay trailer for Seer will drop on July 26. Only a few days before Emergence is released on August 3. Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment has fixed their servers and gotten rid of those pesky cheaters who were definitely ruining the game for everyone. Will Emergence be Apex’s best season yet? I guess only time will tell.

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