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REPORT: Hassan Whiteside willing to take less to bring Kevin Durant to Miami

Hassan Whiteside announced his free agent destination on the morning of July 1, stating that he was staying with the Miami Heat. He made the announcement via Snapchat and the details on his contract situation are now emerging with a surprising twist.

According to Ethan Skolnick of the Miami Herald, Whiteside has said that he will take a little less money if the Heat can somehow get Durant to come to Miami.

According to multiple sources, the Heat center agreed to take less than $98 million over four years on one condition — that it helps the Heat land Kevin Durant, with whom Riley and Micky Arison will meet in the Hamptons on Sunday. Durant has already met with the Thunder and Warriors, and is meeting with the Clippers, Celtics and Spurs before he meets with Miami.

How much less?

That’s not clear, though I was told that the total reduction in the event of a Durant signing would be less than $10 million. If Miami re-signs Dwyane Wade at a contract starting anywhere close to $40 million, it would still need to trade Goran Dragic and Josh McRoberts for nothing just to get close to Durant’s max.

As Skolnick noted, Miami still has Dwyane Wade’s contract to worry about as well, and it looks like a rehaul of personnel will be necessary to make this happen.

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