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Report: Sean Kilpatrick potentially hinted at Jason Kidd’s firing

While the firing of Jason Kidd has caught a lot of people by surprise, one Milwaukee Bucks player appears to be happy to find out about it.

Sean Kilpatrick, who just had his contract guaranteed by the team two weeks ago, posted a tweet after the news of Kidd’s firing came out and seems to be pleased with the development. While it is not yet confirmed if he was pertaining to it, the timing of his latest social media activity has led his followers to conclude that he is a fan of the franchise’s decision to part ways with the fourth-year head coach.

Despite seeing his contract converted to a standard NBA one, Kilpatrick has only seen action in three of their last seven games. He has been on the bench for the majority of the season and has not been given the opportunity to showcase his skill set on the floor. Through nine games, the 28-year-old Cincinnati product is averaging 3.9 points and 1.2 rebounds in 8.3 minutes per game.

With Kidd now out of the Bucks, Kilpatrick could be thinking that he will have a chance to see more court action moving forward. It could also be that he does not have a good relationship with his former coach which explains why he posted the tweet. This is all pure speculation for now, but it can be expected that more light will be shed to it once the 6-foot-4 guard answers the questions many have for him during potential interviews in the coming days.