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Resident Evil Re:Verse delayed once again; coming out in 2022

Resident Evil Re:Verse delayed 2022

After being delayed to this month from May, Resident Evil Re:Verse gets pushed further back. What was supposed to come out alongside Resident Evil Village will no longer be coming out this year.

Resident Evil Re:Verse is a spin-off multiplayer game. It’s supposed to feature asymmetric gameplay, where one group of survivors playing as different Resident Evil heroes and heroines will go against the series’ villains. Fans got to test the game out during its Open Beta in April. However, probably through this very same open beta did Capcom realize that the game needs more time to develop.

Capcom also advises players who purchased a physical version of Resident Evil Village to keep the game’s packaging. The game case contains the code for Resident Evil Re:Verse. Alternatively, players can input the code now and redeem the game early. The game will immediately be available to them once it comes out next year.

It’s not yet clear when Capcom plans to release Resident Evil Re:Verse next year. Apart from the 2022 release date, Capcom didn’t give any more precise information. Perhaps Capcom has been spending their resources making the Resident Evil Village DLC content. If that’s the case, then Re:Verse may have received the shorter end of the stick and has been placed on the back burner for the meantime.

Would Resident Evil Re:Verse have a chance to top the charts of the series’ most best-selling titles? Or is Resident Evil Re:Verse doomed to fail like the series’ previous online multiplayer offerings?