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Resident Evil Village Review scores are in: Is this the best RE game yet?

Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 8, review, Capcom

Resident Evil Village comes out on May 7, 2021. Review copies have been shipped to content creators and critics. Hence, the reviews and review scores are in. Is Resident Evil Village the best game yet from the series? Will it top the best-selling Resident Evil games of all time?

Resident Evil Village Review Scores on Metacritic: 85/100

The PC version of the game currently holds an aggregate score of 85/100 on Metacritic. This is a good sign. Critics and content creators have been loving the full version so far. Those who have played the demo will have an idea already what kind of game this is. Hence, reading a few reviews here and there should help you make a decision.

Here are some websites’ Resident Evil Village review scores:

IGN – 8/10
PC Gamer – 85/100
Venture Beat – 4/5
GameSpot – 9/10

Also, according to the reviews, the game plays best on PC. However, if you’re after the sweet consistent 60FPS gameplay, go for the Xbox Series X/S version.

What’s new in RE8?

The best thing about Resident Evil Village is, according to Resident Evil expert The Sphere Hunter, that Capcom hasn’t shown you everything the game has to offer yet. The extensive marketing coverage that the game has had didn’t reveal so much. The demo, while extensive as well, also didn’t show everything the game has to offer. You can tell this from watching different Resident Evil Village review videos. You’ll see new enemies, new locations, and new characters, even if you’ve been following the game since its announcement. Speaking of weapons and locations, Resident Evil 7 will feel a lot smaller thanks to the number of enemy types and locations that this game has.

Resident Evil Village builds upon Resident Evil 7 in both story and mechanics. Meanwhile, the influence of Resident Evil 4 will be very evident in the mix of survival horror and action in this game. The Tetris briefcase inventory system even makes a return. So, it’s like a mix between RE4 and RE7, with the action of RE4 and the horror and story of RE7.

It’s longer and more open-ended compared to Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. The return of the Mercenaries Mode also further prolongs this game’s shelf life. And we’re happy to report, it’s the best version of Mercenaries Mode yet. If you enjoyed the gameplay of Resident Evil Village, then going back to play Mercenaries Mode over and over again will be a treat for you.

Now, if you’re still not convinced, you can still play the demo and find out if the game is for you or not. And while you’re at it, get these fan-made mods and make your playthrough more interesting.