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Jazz news: Ricky Rubio looks to Jason Kidd as example of player who added three-point shot

Ricky Rubio

Through his first six years in the league, Utah Jazz point guard Ricky Rubio has had one consistent knock on his game that solely lies on his shooting ability.

Despite his shooting woes, Rubio recently told Andy Larsen of KSL.com that former All-Star point guard Jason Kidd is the perfect example that he looks to improve his shooting as his career wore on.

“Jason Kidd is a big example where he improved his shot and then he became one of the best point guards,” Rubio said. “The confidence they’ve shown for me from the beginning is awesome, and now I have to answer with good games. I have confidence in me.”

Like Rubio, Kidd also faced much scrutiny centered on his lack of consistency shooting the ball to the point where people called him “Ason Kidd” because he had no “J” as in no jump shot. However, he was able to get past that saw him develop into a reliable 3-point shooter finish among the most all-time made 3-pointers currently sitting in the eighth spot.

Meanwhile, Rubio has struggled mightily with his shot with his career 3-point field goal percentage at 37.5 while he is hitting just 31.5 percent from beyond the arc. Prior to this past season, he had shot below 40 percent in each of his first years in the league.

If he can see some drastic improvement in this part of his game, Rubio has the potential to become an All-Star as he’s already proven to be one of the best passers in the league coming off a career-high 9.1 assists per game. Kidd provides a strong source of motivation to finally get over the hump with his shooting woes.