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RJ Barrett, Knicks

RJ Barrett Playing Zero-Complaint Basketball And The Knicks Need It

Young New York Knicks stud RJ Barrett put on a show in a win over the Golden State Warriors Thursday night, scoring a career-high 28 points to go along with five assists. The former third overall pick in the 2019 draft has had somewhat of a rocky start to his career in New York, but he’s showing flashes of brilliance.

On the daily Locked On Knicks Podcast, host Alex Wolfe breaks down Barrett’s excellent game. Moreover, what, if anything, the Knicks faithful should take out of it and how RJ Barrett should be viewed.

Alex Wolfe: The three-point stroke looked pure to your point, he didn’t look like he was aiming his shots as Clyde would say. He was just letting him rep in and doing so confidently. So clearly, he’s been getting those up in practice and everything again.

The passing was… he’s had some good passing games in his career but, I know that the assist totals won’t knock you out. He only had five assists for the game but he had some great passes that you mentioned, like the one to Burks. That was like a really sweet little behind the back, bounce pass to him that was sick. It got to him and then Burke’s kind of flubbed this easy layup and Mitch put it back in. He also had this gorgeous touch pass to Mitch for a dunk earlier in the game. He just was doing so good with passing the ball, making quick decisions. He even ran, at one point, sort of a little pick and roll with Elfrid Payton as the roll man and that worked out great. Payton found him for an easy dunk on the inside like that went over really well.

Literally any sort of play that you wanted to see out of RJ Barrett in this game, you got to see it. Even a good dunk or two, to which is always nice to see from him. It just a phenomenal game from him all around. I have zero complaints. This is probably obvious because he set a career-high, so it sounds stupid to say so and scoring isn’t always everything, but I would say that overall this is the best game of his career and I don’t know that it’s that close.