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China’s CCTV sends warning after Rockets’ Daryl Morey resigns

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Though China’s state broadcaster for the NBA has moved past the comments of the Houston Rockets former general Daryl Morey, the CCTV made sure that they got their message across shortly after his resigning.

On Friday, the CCTV forewarned of any opposing views that went against the well-being of China and its citizens.

“We reiterate that any words and deeds that attempt to hurt the feelings of the Chinese people will have to pay a price,” CCTV said in a statement on its website which was also read out on air by a broadcaster.

The broadcaster then apparently went on to wish the former GM the best of luck in his future endeavors oddly enough. What caught many viewers off guard is the assumption by CCTV that Morey could have possibly been “forced out”. With them in possible possession of this knowledge, one could assume that it’s in reference to Morey’s subjective comments to the protests in Hong Kong.

Morey made headlines last October as he tweeted his support to the protests in Hong Kong, stating “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” in one of his tweets. After receiving word of Morey’s controversial take, the CCTV decided to commence a blackout of NBA games, a move that lasted a year before suddenly ending in time for Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals.

With Morey’s sudden decision to step down comes the often-asked question as to if the controversial comments in regards to China had anything to do with his resignation. Morey declined to answer, leaving many spectators to believe that the notion was indeed true. Morey will however stay on in an advisory role with the Rockets until Nov. 1 as they continue their search for a new coach.