Rockets news: Houston signs Clippers G-League player Tim Quarterman to 10-day deal
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Houston signs Clippers G-League player Tim Quarterman to 10-day deal

Tim Quarterman

The Houston Rockets looking for a little more bench depth have signed Tim Quarterman of the  Agua Caliente Clippers to a ten-day contract.

For Tim Quarterman, he is someone the Rockets know very well. He was in training camp with the Rockets but was one of the final cuts.

Houston must have really liked what it saw when Quarterman was in training camp because his G-League stats don’t pop off the page. In 11 games with the club from Canada, he averaged 8.9 points in 25.6 minutes played.

It’s good to see Quarterman getting some good press again because that hasn’t always been the case. In January Quarterman was arrested for assault of a state trooper.

Troopers tried to stop him for speeding and he fled in his truck leading them on a police chase. The chase ended when he ran into a squad car and both he and the officer had to be taken to the hospital. The case is still going through the court system and hasn’t been resolved as of yet.

He was also one of the players that were implicated in the Yahoo! Sports report. He is accused of being paid 16,000 dollars by the agency run by Andy Miller while he was still at LSU.

Even though he was paid he didn’t end up going with Andy Miller and ended up going undrafted.

Quarterman was not selected in the 2016 NBA Draft but was later signed to a two-year deal with the Portland Trail Blazers, per Spotrac. He has played a total of 16 games in the NBA with a per 36-minute average of 14.0 points.