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Rockets star James Harden opens up about his new 1-legged shot

James Harden

There’s currently a lot of hype surrounding James Harden’s new one-legged shot. Some clips of this odd-looking jumper from the Houston Rockets superstar have been making the rounds on social media lately, and it has been picking up some buzz.

Recently, the former MVP was asked about this new shot, and in true James Harden fashion, the 30-year-old explained exactly why he considers himself a trail blazer in the sport of basketball:

“I’m a creator,” he said, via Alex Shultz of GQ. “When it’s all said and done, I want to be one of those guys where people say, ‘James made a whole new path, a whole new wave of being creative with the game of basketball.’ It isn’t just pump fake, one dribble, shoot. There are different dynamics to basketball, and we have to expand the game. Every day, I’m trying to find ways to improve my game, improve the entire game of basketball. And you’ve got kids watching me trying to be creative as well.”

“Everything that I do is about keeping defenders off balance and on their toes. If you have that every possession, you’re basically unguardable.”

In another interview, Harden admitted that at the end of the day, his true inspiration are the kids who look up to him and everything he does on and off the basketball court:

“That’s the inspiration that I have,” he told Dan Adler of Vanity Fair. “When you have kids wearing your shoes and doing your moves, that just drives me to keep going and be the best person, the best leader, I can be, and keep creating, keep opening up new doors that some people might be scared to open up. Whether it’s trying new moves, or trying brand-new different clothes. Just being who you are.”

Harden will be entering the new season leading a revamped Rockets side that now includes fellow former MVP winner Russell Westrbook in the lineup. These two will form one of the most potent backcourts we’ve ever seen, and it’s definitely going to be a joy to watch these two light up the rest of the NBA.