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James Harden says he’s working on a new move this offseason

James Harden, Rockets

Houston Rockets star James Harden has a new trick up his sleeve. The former MVP said that he’s developing a new move this offseason to throw at opposing defenses:

Harden is already known for having the best step-back jumper in the league. Occasionally, the move looks unstoppable.  Time and time again, he leaves defenders shaking their heads as he drains three-pointer after three-pointer with his patented move. It’s contributed in large part to the Rockets’ recent success.

However, Harden’s step-back has generated plenty of controversies. When Harden executes it on the court, it looks like border-line travel. Opponents are constantly motioning on the sideline for referees to call it on the superstar, but it almost never happens. Still, there are people in both camps of whether the move is legal. Some insist that Harden travels every time, while others are steadfast in their belief that it only looks like a travel.

If Harden is right about his new move, it could get just as much examination as his step back has. Perhaps Harden has found a way to push the limits of a travel even further with this tactic.

Whatever the move is, Rockets fans will be eager to see it used this season. If it is nearly as deadly as his stepback, expect Harden to be in the running yet again for the highest scorer in the league and another possible MVP trophy.