A video recently surfaced where James Harden played in a pickup game together with some of the best players of the league today like Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. After seeing the clip, a lot of fans were left in awe as the stars did not fail in completing one highlight reel worthy play after another. Some even dubbed it the greatest pickup game they've seen, but for The Beard, he admits there was were some back in 2011 that he considers the best.

Harden talked about a series of pickup games that took place back in the lockout season of 2011, and called it the most lit he's ever participated in, together with the Drew League games also that time, via Max Resetar of Slam Magazine.

So what was the best pickup run you ever played in? Was it the 2011 lockout summer?

JH: “For sure.”

“There was a game in Oklahoma City that KD put on. There was a game in Miami that LeBron put on. The Drew League was crazy. That whole entire summer was lit.”

“Yesterday was my first time playing at Lifetime. There was a lot of quality, quality talent. A mixture of everything. You don’t really get that often in the summertime. Yesterday was a pretty dope vibe in the gym.”

While there are not a lot of videos with the highlights of those games, it's not hard to imagine that it was as good as he described it to be, as LeBron James and Kevin Durant also played in them. The two are widely considered the best players in the league this decade, and their level of talent is very high. That said, the inclusion of Harden only makes it an even more star-studded game.

However, if the trend continues and more NBA superstars of today will join pickup games in the summer, it could rival the ones from 2011 and could change Harden's thoughts about which one is indeed the best.