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John Wall’s 3-word reaction to benching, no trade with Rockets

Rockets, John Wall

It’s not a secret what the Houston Rockets plan to do with John Wall. Even before the season started, everyone knows that Wall could sit out the whole 2021-22 campaign if the team is unable to trade him–a likely scenario given his monstrosity of a contract.

However, given this situation, it has raised confusion why Wall is joining the Rockets on the bench and even participating in pre-game warmups and not playing. Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated voiced out the concern that everyone else is thinking, noting that it doesn’t benefit the player or the team at all.

Upon seeing the tweets, though, John Wall couldn’t help but clarify his situation. He responded to Mannix with a simple, three-word message: “Did not dress.”

What exactly does Wall want to say? Is he merely correcting the reporter for saying he’s in uniform? Or is he suggesting he’s ready to play but he is not allowed to do so since it is part of his agreement with the Rockets before the season started?

Regardless, it doesn’t look like Wall is dissatisfied with his situation. He has embraced the reality he’s in, simply doing everything he can to help the Rockets as they await the next step for him.

According to the latest reports, the Rockets have gained “zero traction” when it comes to any trade for Wall–further increasing the possibility of the All-Star guard sitting out the whole campaign. Houston is paying the playmaker over $44 million this season.

However, Stephen Silas has no issues with Wall being with the team on the bench and during practice and film sessions. He sees his presence as beneficial, acting like a player coach for the squad.

“He’s traveling with the team and working out, and preparing himself for whatever comes next for him,” Silas shared before they played the Boston Celtics Monday, per USA Today. “He’s been good for our group. He’s been good as far as watching film with guys, and pulling them aside when they come off the court.”

The Rockets have now lost 15 games in a row with no end in sight for their skid. With their focus on developing their young core instead of competing, it seems reasonable that they are not playing Wall. Unfortunately for the ex-Washington Wizards leader, he might have to sit out for a while longer before being able to play again.