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P.J. Tucker thought he was going to be traded with James Harden while on Rockets

P.J. Tucker, Rockets, Nets, Bucks

P.J. Tucker finally got his wish, being traded away from the Houston Rockets after opting along with the team to have him not play until a deal was worked out. That goal was finally achieved, with Tucker being sent to Milwaukee to team up with the Bucks. The frustrations in Houston had boiled over for Tucker and a fresh start was best for both sides. However, Tucker initially thought he was going to go wherever James Harden was sent. It wasn’t meant to be.

According to an article in The Athletic, when the meetings were going on to figure out where to send James Harden, Tucker was somewhat apart of the meetings and he left them with the impression that he would go where Harden did. Whether it was Philadelphia or Brooklyn didn’t matter, Tucker thought it would be a package deal. Houston did send Harden to Brooklyn but held on to Tucker.

This clearly bothered Tucker, and to pile on the Rockets predictably sank into irrelevance once Harden was traded. After competing in the playoffs in the bubble just a season ago in Houston, all of a sudden Tucker was on a Rockets team getting blown out by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2021. The relationship between him and the Rockets crumbled and a trade was the only solution.

Known as a “3 and D” guy, Tucker should fit in just fine in Milwaukee. His role should serve similar to the one he had in Houston when Russell Westbrook and Harden were in town and that is, one of the role players that can bury a corner three and guard multiple positions on the other end.

Although it might not have been what Tucker expected, he still got the ultimate wish of being back on a contender.