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P.J. Tucker was once asked by Michael Jordan how he got Shawn Marion’s Air Jordan 5’s

Michael Jordan isn’t just the best NBA player of all time, he also completely changed the way the shoe game was looked at across the league.

He started the Jordan Brand and he has had some of the most famous players in all sports under him. The former Chicago Bulls superstar has also made Nike the most well-known shoe in the world.

But evidently, he can’t even get every shoe, even when they are Nikes. Hoston Rockets forward PJ. Tucker talked during a recent interview with Sneaker Shopping how he was asked by Jordan during a game where he got a rare pair of Shawn Marion’s Air Jordan 5’s that he was wearing.

“I’m literally in the corner and like, I just hear somebody calling my name. In NBA games, that happens all the time. But that voice was distinctive; I knew who it was,”So as soon as I turned around and seen him, I couldn’t even respond.”

Tucker has a huge shoe collection, but he isn’t the type to put them on display and never wear them. He wants kids to know that shoes are meant to be worn, and not just looked at which is why he will wear some pretty expensive shoes during games.

Tucker also said that comes with some risks though. He has had some shoes rip on him during games, and then he is out a good chunk of money.

Tucker has made enough money in his NBA career, though, that he can afford some new kicks at a whim.