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Russell Westbrook admits Rockets’ chemistry on the floor is ‘going to be a process’

Russell Westbrook, Rockets

Houston Rockets superstar point guard Russell Westbrook knows the team’s chemistry is going to be a season-long process.

Westbrook not only has to get accustomed to playing with James Harden again and the other guys in Houston, but the Rockets players also have to get used to playing with Westbrook and the speed at which he plays at.

“It’s gonna come, man,” Westbrook said, via Kelly Iko of The Athletic. “It’s going to be a process. It’s going to be a season where we figure it out. Teams that have figured it out still struggle. So don’t be alarmed, or be like ‘Oh shit, they gotta figure it out. The system is fine, it’s easy to adjust to. Now the chemistry to me is the most important. Figuring out where they gonna be. Figuring out my pace compared to James and who else has the ball.”

Because Harden and Westbrook are ball-dominant players, many pundits believe the Rockets are going to turn into a “my turn, your turn” type of offense. That type of basketball usually struggles to work in the NBA. Both stars are going to have to make adjustments for this to work in Houston.

A case can be made the Rockets should make Westbrook the full-time point guard and Harden the full-time shooting guard. Westbrook is more explosive than Harden and can break defenses down by attacking the basket, which will free up Harden for wide-open looks from the perimeter.

Westbrook isn’t a reliable shooter from the 3-point line. Teams are likely going to be content with leaving Westbrook open from deep if Harden collapses the defense on his drives to the hoop.

All eyes are going to be on the Rockets in 2019-20. People want to see if Harden and Westbrook can actually play together and lead Houston to a championship.