On a segment of ESPN’s the Jump, former NBA superstars Scottie Pippen and Tracy McGrady discussed how they would go about guarding James Harden.

Pippen spoke about guarding him from one end to the court to the other. Pippen wouldn’t give Harden any space running from up and down the court. By taking seconds away from the shot clock, Harden wouldn’t be comfortable with taking the ball up the court or initiating the offense.

By giving him problems defensively all game it would wear him down. Even though he couldn’t hand check Harden, he could exhaust him. Pippen would have the length and athleticism to keep up with him for an entire game. He was that much a difference maker on the defensive end.

You can watch McGrady and Pippen talk it over below:

Harden is having the best offensive stretch in the history of the NBA’s modern era. Over the past couple of games, Harden has had 114 straight points unassisted. It’s an NBA record, and Harden keeps getting more and more.

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Per Justin Jett of Def Pen, Over the last 13 games, James Harden has been the leading scorer in the NBA with 561 total points. Only 45 of those points have come off an assist. For context; The second-highest scorer, Stephen Curry, has had 208 of his 406 points assisted on. He’s inserted his name into the MVP race and can’t seem to stop.

The Rockets are now 25-19 on the season and sit in the fifth seed of the NBA’s Western Conference. They will face off next against the Los Angeles Lakers at home.