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Sixers’ Josh Richardson admits guarding Rockets’ James Harden is ‘always frustrating’


James Harden is one of the best scorers in the entire NBA. The Houston Rockets guard has proven himself to be an unstoppable force in the league, and Philadelphia 76ers wing Josh Richardson is the latest player to admit that Harden is one of the most difficult defensive assignments to get in today’s NBA.

The Athletic’s Rich Hoffmann talked to Richardson after his Sixers got served by the Rockets, 118-108. He said that Harden just finds ways to score that is usually nearly impossible to stop.


James Harden finished the night against the Sixers with another solid stat line. He scored 44 points, grabbed 11 boards, and dished out 11 assists. He was exceptionally accurate on the field, making 13 of his 24 shot attempts. He was also lethal from three, sinking 50-percent of his long-range shots.

Harden has multiple weapons that he can use to break down defenses. The 30-year-old can dribble his way to the hoop and pull off a flashy layup. He can make one of his ankle-breaking stepbacks and make enough room for this three-point shots. He can also draw fouls like nobody’s business and get sent to the free-throw line more often than the entire opposing team.

Harden is a scoring machine whose skill set is specially made to score the ball. It’s been hard for the rest of the league to stop him on his own, and it’s become harder with the arrival of Russell Westbrook as well. This iteration of the Rockets will always be one of the scariest teams to face this season.