Rockets rumors: Russell Westbrook trades were discussed that would've kept Chris Paul in Houston
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Rumor: Russell Westbrook trades were discussed that would’ve kept Chris Paul with Rockets

Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Rockets

The Houston Rockets explored every potential avenue in hopes to trade for Russell Westbrook, including potentially keeping Chris Paul in house while bringing in the 2017 NBA MVP, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic.

That notion alone is enough to make someone’s head explode into a thousand bearded Daryl Morey memes, as the sheer thought of a three-guard lineup of usage king James Harden, Westbrook, and Paul would severely limit touches for anyone else that takes the floor with them.

It’s also possible that Mike D’Antoni could have opted to bring Paul off the bench (because that will go very well) — making use of his abilities when Harden and Westbrook take a rest.

If the thought of a Westbrook and Harden pairing wasn’t mind-blowing enough, throw Paul on top of it — the Pictionary definition of too many chefs in the kitchen.

A Westbrook for Paul trade just made all the sense in the world, as their salaries matched exactly — trading an aging, yet experienced point guard for another with a bit more legs left in him.

It’s still to be known whether Westbrook and Harden will work as smoothly as they did seven years ago when they were stars on the rise with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The roles have indeed reverses, as the two are no longer under the presence of Kevin Durant, and Harden is now the franchise player who is getting help in his quest to get through the West.