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Video: Rockets’ James Harden gets trolled during birthday tribute video

Houston Rockets guard James Harden turned 29 years old on Sunday. While ESPN did its best to showcase the MVP’s brilliance during this past season, the anti-Harden army wasn’t late to the party.

ESPN showed a clip of Harden breaking Wesley Johnson’s ankles in a first-quarter rout that would spell a 24-point first-quarter lead for the Rockets after Harden nailed a 3-pointer while taunting Johnson.

Twitter wasn’t shy to remind Harden of his many failures.

Like the time he was stuffed by an elite defender in Jimmy Butler.

Or the time that he couldn’t handle another defensive ace in Marcus Smart.

How about the time he got stripped of his playoff glory by a 39-year-old and now retired Manu Ginobili.

Sure, Harden has had plenty of success during his career, but this is one lowlight reel he won’t want to see during his birthday, or any other day.

Happy Beard-day to the MVP.