Rose Byrne is opening up about the possibility of reprising one her most beloved film characters — her iconic role as newly ingratiated friend-of-the-bride Helen in Bridesmaids.

Byrne was asked by People magazine whether she'd ever consider doing a Bridesmaids sequel, and she was quick to respond that “of course” she would. “If all the girls were in, I absolutely would,” reiterated Byrne.

She did caution however that “it’s a hard act to follow because the first film was so great. It was so magical and so beloved.”

Byrne also suggested that “maybe we could do a different movie together. A re-imagining of something. But I miss them all. I saw Kristen Wiig recently. It was so lovely to see her. I hadn't seen her for so long, and they've all got such a special place in my heart.”

Byrne has been doing publicity for her new Apple TV+ comedy series Platonic, in which she co-stars with Seth Rogen.

Her Bridesmaid co-star Melissa McCarthy, 0n the publicity circuit herself for the new live-action The Little Mermaid movie, was also asked by People about her willingness to do a Bridesmaids sequel. McCarthy gave a similarly enthused reaction: “I would do a Bridesmaids sequel this afternoon, right now,” she said. “That group of women was the most magical thing ever. Almost all of us were really good friends already. I think it was such a magical time.”

It's good to know Bridesmaids like Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy are down for a sequel to the comedy classic, but unless the group finds a novel way to deal with food poisoning while dress shopping, it might be hard to top the original.