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Ryan Fitzpatrick is the perfect mentor to Tua Tagovailoa, per Troy Aikman

Ryan Fitzpatrick Tua Tagovailoa Troy Aikman Dolphins

For NFL legend Troy Aikman, Miami Dolphins starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is the perfect mentor to the young quarterback Tua Tagavailoa.

Towards the end of the Thursday Night Football broadcast, Aikman shared a little behind-the-scenes story involving Fitzpatrick and former Dolphins quarterback Josh Rosen. According to Aiken, Fitzpatrick served as an ideal mentor for Miami’s last QB prospect – Josh Rosen. For Aikman, Fitzpatrick and Tagovailoa will definitely have the same type of relationship.

“The 87 touchdown passes, he only threw 11 interceptions, which is pretty remarkable,” Aikman said about the Dolphins QB. “I think back to last year. Josh Rosen was here. 10th overall pick. I know Josh, he said that Ryan Fitzpatrick, how great he was in the quarterback room, went out of his way to answer any questions…Josh felt he learned so much football just being around Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s doing the exact same thing for Tua. What an opportunity for him to watch a pro goes about it, how he prepares. It’s a tough business. There’s a lot of demands on these quarterbacks. He’s going to have to train to prepare for whenever that time comes.”

The Dolphins have opted to make Tagovailoa a backup QB to Fitzpatrick. There are some debates among analysts as some want to see Tagovailoa become the Dolphins’ starting QB. Others, meanwhile, are content with the rookie sitting on the sidelines first. Whatever the Dolphins choose to do, there’s no doubt in Aikman’s mind that Tua Tagovailoa is in good hands.