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Mark Ingram does not want to leave Saints

Mark Ingram, Saints

Even though Mark Ingram is due to become a free agent in March, he’s not looking to just up and leave the New Orleans Saints.

Ingram recently told Christopher Dabe of NOLA.com that he’s hoping his time with the Saints doesn’t end after this playoff run:

“I’m not looking just to leave New Orleans. I’m not looking just to up and leave New Orleans. My squad, you know we got a good squad. I feel like we could do this type of thing for many more years. I’m not looking just to bail out of New Orleans.”

The Saints have plenty of good reason to keep Mark Ingram, as he — along with Alvin Kamara — has done wonders for the team’s offense. Thanks to their hard work, Ingram could make his first Super Bowl appearance, but a victory over the Los Angeles Rams will be needed.

But there’s more to Ingram’s affection to N’awlins than just the team he’s helping to possibly bring to the Super Bowl:

“I was drafted here. I met my wife here. My children were born here. Very rarely does anybody get to spend their career in one place. I love New Orleans. I love this team. I love this organization, so we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I hope we win a Super Bowl and hopefully everything works out. It’s a business, and I hope everything works out. I love it here.”

Mark Ingram signed a four-year, $16 million contract back when he signed with the Saints in 2015.