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Scavengers, free-to-play PvPvE Battle Royale, now on Steam and Epic

Scavengers in open access available on steam and epic

Today, May 1, Scavengers developers announced that the game is now available for all PC gamers via Steam and EpicScavengers will pit the competing players against the game’s post-apocalyptic environment, introducing players to its PvPvE gameplay with a unique twist. The game will be free-to-play, following the path of popular titles Apex Legends and Fortnite. 

The game was recently in its early access phase last April 28. The developer had encountered problems during this phase with some players not getting their early access keys and others experiencing crashes. The problem, as stated on the developer’s website, was “when our pre-game lobby servers hit a certain player threshold, they crash.” It seems the issue has been solved though as the game enters open access.

The game will remain in open access for PC while the developers continue to add to the game, including improving the progression system and adding a new character. It was also announced that Scavengers will have a seasonal battle pass, something to be expected from modern free-to-play games.

Scavengers is a different kind of battle royale

Scavengers is a battle royale title that will be available to play on PC and console devices. The game will have 60 players in teams of three surviving an environment filled with zombie-like creatures, cannibals, and a few bosses. The developer also warns players against the cold, with the advice to, “keep your character warm and pay attention to your temperature meter.”

The game’s website emphasizes that it is more than just about gunplay. While others in the genre have focused on a wide array of weapons and abilities, Scavengers developers chose to up the ante by creating a more aggressive environment forcing players to be more creative with their strategy.