Scottie Pippen responds to Kenny Smith's claim that 1994 Rockets would beat Michael Jordan's Bulls
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Scottie Pippen responds to Kenny Smith’s claim that 1994 Rockets would beat Michael Jordan’s Bulls

Former Houston Rockets guard and current Inside the NBA co-host Kenny Smith surprised many when he made a bold statement and claimed that his 1994 team would’ve beaten that year’s Chicago Bulls even with Michael Jordan playing with them.

Upon finding out Smith’s comments, Scottie Pippen responded on The Jump on Tuesday by reminding him what his role with the Bulls was back then. He also said that only playing against them once in a season is not enough to say they could beat them in the finals.

Former Los Angeles Lakers player and coach, Byron Scott, also chimed in on the conversation. Scott made it clear he doesn’t believe Smith’s claim, especially because the Rockets are not considered by a lot of people as one of the greatest teams ever.

Pippen was the Bulls’ second star behind Jordan and was known to be a lockdown defender as well. He gave his team a reliable second option on offense and was not afraid to go up against the best forwards of the league before, on the defensive end.

Although both teams never met in the finals and competed for a title, it would’ve been a great matchup, as they had some of the greatest players to ever play the game. However, fans are only left to wonder what could’ve been and the players are having an interesting debate on it.

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