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Seahawks news: Pete Carroll drops bold claim on plan to replace Russell Wilson

Seahawks, Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks have entered a new era after trading Russell Wilson away to the Denver Broncos. Although head coach Pete Carroll claims the franchise is not in a rebuild, it’s hard to imagine this team being competitive in the 2022 season. Regardless, Carroll offers optimism regarding the quarterback battle between Geno Smith and Drew Lock.

According to John Boyle, the Seahawks head coach states that Smith is leading the way in the quarterback battle while Lock isn’t too far behind. However, Pete Carroll also claims the two quarterbacks, “have been impressive… They have been solid throughout.”

It’s hard to believe Pete Carroll here, especially considering not that long ago the Seahawks admitted they’d sign Baker Mayfield if the Cleveland Browns were to release him. Additionally, going to Geno Smith or Drew Lock after spending multiple years having Russell Wilson under center is a drastic downgrade. Despite that, these two are the best bet to be the starting quarterback in Seattle.

Last year, Drew Lock lost a camp battle to Teddy Bridgewater. He has experience in this scenario and could be making the necessary improvements to catch Pete Carroll’s eye, per Pro Football Talk. Lock explains how the camp battle is playing out so far.

“We both understand that we’re both trying to be the starter for this team. We’re not stepping on each other’s shoes, we’re not getting mad at one another. It’s just, ‘All right, he took it that day, I took it this day. I broke us down this time, he broke us down this time.’ They need to hear both of us, they need to feel both of us. It’s been really nice, it’s been really easy. I appreciate the way Geno has handled it, and I hope he appreciates the way I’ve handled it as well.”

We’ll see who wins the starting spot for the Seahawks this year, as Pete Carroll will have the final say.