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Richard Sherman urges Seahawks fans to not be upset at him

Richard Sherman, Seahawks

Former Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman, who is now with the San Francisco 49ers, is asking his former fan base not to be upset with him.

With fans turning to social media to express how upset they are with Sherman for leaving Seattle — which is weird, given the Seahawks cut him and he didn’t exactly leave on his own — the defensive back went on Twitter himself to discuss the entire ordeal.

“Instead of getting upset with me for going to a new team how about you get upset with the people who forced me to go,” Sherman wrote on Twitter. “If one job fires you and another job offers you a great position I highly doubt most ppl would go back to the old job for a lot less money.”

Sherman inked a three-year deal, supposedly worth 39 million. However, of note, Sherman told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that the deal is worth “up to $39.15 million.”

One of the better corners in the National Football League since 2011, Sherman has seen a slight dip in dominance the last few years. Like running backs, the cornerback position sometimes sees wickedly talented players have their dominance drop off a cliff without any real sign of that coming.

Anyway, it seems kind of silly to be upset at a guy for being fired. Don’t be mad at Sherman for leaving. He wasn’t exactly asking to exit the city. If anything, be upset with the front-office folk who decided to play it cheap, hoping Sherman’s value on the open market would be lacking enough that he’d come back to play for peanuts.