Seahawks news: Seattle's offer to Jadeveon Clowney is 'take it or leave it'
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Report: Seahawks’ offer to Jadeveon Clowney is ‘take it or leave it’

Jadeveon Clowney, Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are very open to the idea of re-signing Jadeveon Clowney, but it has to be for the right price. As Clowney continues to play the waiting game, it’s been revealed that Seattle’s offer to Clowney is ‘take it or leave it’.

Clowney entered free agency with the intention of becoming one of the highest-paid defensive players in the NFL. Contrary to what he wants, teams haven’t shown much interest in paying him an excess of $20 million annually.

While Clowney continues to seek a lucrative deal, the Seahawks are interested in bringing him back for a lower price. However, Seattle recently signed Benson Mayowa to strengthen the team’s pass-rushing unit. Dave Wyman, an analyst on the team’s radio broadcast, believes that Mayowa’s arrival seals Clowney’s fate in Seattle:

“I think that might be an indication that they are not able to get him,” Wyman said of Seattle’s signing of Mayowa via the Seattle Times, adding that the Seahawks’ offer to Clowney is “a take it or leave it type of deal.” That’s in keeping with what has been the Seahawks’ stance in recent years of setting a value on a player and then not wavering from it.

Also, besides Mayowa, the Seahawks have signed Bruce Irvin to bolster the defense. Therefore, that leaves Seattle with just enough money to sign their rookies this offseason.

Above all, if Clowney wants to make a return to Seattle, he can accept the offer they’ve extended to him. On the other hand, they are content with letting him walk if he is keen on garnering a massive contract.