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Seattle Seahawks talking to linebacker Bobby Wagner about new deal

Bobby Wagner, Seahawks

The expectation is that the Seattle Seahawks will still get a deal done with linebacker Bobby Wagner, even though his asking price probably went up after some of the contracts handed out this offseason. Wagner is entering the last season of a 4-year deal that has paid him $43 million.

Asked at the owners meeting about Wagner, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made it clear that he wants him to be in Seattle for a long time.

“Absolutely,” Carroll said when asked if talks have begun with Wagner via ESPN. “We have met with Bobby just kind of in prelude to what it takes to do that. He’s an incredible player and been an incredible part of our program and the community and all that. Bobby’s going to be a Seahawk.”

One to watch with Wagner is how well he does getting a contract. Wagner doesn’t have an agent and will be negotiating the deal himself. Carroll said that can cause some issues because of everything that goes into doing a contract, but he is confident both sides can get a fair deal.

“It’s more challenging [for players representing themselves] that they can know, because to get through the process, there’s a lot to it,” Carroll said. “Bobby’s going to have good support around him; he has asked a lot of questions so that he will be prepared to deal with it, and I know he’ll do a good job and all. But it’s maybe more difficult than I think a guy can imagine going into it the first time. The conversations and issue and stuff to learn and all that, I think he’s looking forward to that, just to see what it’s all about.