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The state of Russell Wilson’s relationship with Pete Carroll as questions about Seahawks future linger

Seahawks, Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has had questions about his future with the team linger since the offseason, with the rumors sometimes swirling around his relationship with head coach Pete Carroll. Carroll was recently asked about where he stands with Wilson and offered some insight amid questions about the future.

Seahawks fans will like to hear that. However, it could also be the ever-positive Pete Carroll putting a spin on his relationship with Russell Wilson.

Here’s why it seems like it’s much more than that. As Carroll points out, Wilson just went through one of the hardest things he’s ever had to deal with as an NFL quarterback. The NFL’s current version of an Iron Man, Wilson had to get used to missing extended time with a finger injury- and he and his head coach made it through that ordeal together.

They say that tough times never last but tough people do, and maybe that’s what’s happening here with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. Seahawks fans sure hope so, with the team currently sinking fast in last place in the NFC West.

The best hope for Seattle is that Wilson and Carroll put a better product on the field down the stretch and realize all the great things they can still accomplish together in the NFL.

For Seahawks fans, the alternative is too tough to imagine.