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Shelley Meyer apologizes after Colin Kaepernick comments

Shelley Meyer is by no means a household name, but her comments carry some weight in the realm of college football. Her husband is Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer, which naturally puts her in the limelight, unfortunately whether she wants it to or not.

That limelight has now put in her a bit of a pickle, as her thoughts on Colin Kaepernick has resulted in her having to apologize. Only kind of, though, as a level of defiance was also hanging around like a fart in the air.

In a series of tweets, Shelley Meyer attempted to discuss a variety of things, but mostly why — I guess? — she would take Tim Tebow over Colin Kaepernick any single day of the week (we are serious).

Here are the since deleted tweets in quote form (note that they are in reaction to Kap filing a grievance against the NFL):

“What-ever, he made his choices.”

She also tweeted, in response to one of her followers stating that “I would take Tim Tebow over him any day,” “A million times. No comparison.”

Kap’s mom came in to share her thoughts with Shelley:

Naturally, this has resulted in Shelley Meyer going on another rant, this time somewhat defending her own tweets while apologizing:

So, uh, she is sorry but not sorry or something — who knows?

Anyway, it must have been an interesting conversation when Urban Meyer, husband of Shelley, found out. While the Ohio State coach has ZERO right to control what his significant other says, realizing she sent out inflammatory tweets, even if misrepresented (they were not), couldn’t have been an awesome feeling.

Also, Colin Kaepernick should have a job in the NFL. Something called a Joe Callahan is backing up in Green Bay.

Urban Meyer, the Ohio State coach, should now publicly go out in a presser and demand Kap gets a job if for no other reason so insanity settles in.