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Sixers commentator’s bizarre rant against Josh Giddey over Joel Embiid’s scary fall

Sixers, Thunder, Joel Embiid, Josh Giddey

It looks like the Ben Simmons story will have to take a backseat for the Philadelphia 76ers. Maybe at least for today.

The Sixers visited the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night. Late in the fourth quarter, with them comfortably ahead, star big man Joel Embiid chased down Thunder rookie Josh Giddey on a breakaway layup and committed a hard foul.

Giddey hit the stanchion and was visibly in pain after Embiid’s rough challenge. Quite interestingly though, Sixers analyst Alaa Abdelnaby of NBC Sports Philadelphia gave a take that could only be described as bizarre

“The question would be: Why are you still running fastbreaks? If you don’t want to play hard, why are you running hard? 76ers just keeping up with people. Joel’s just not giving up the easy two.”

Victim-blaming, anyone?

Embiid immediately went over to Giddey and apologized. Abdenlaby, who played five years in the NBA, said no hard feelings between the two. But he also went on to belittle Giddey.

“I’m just worried about him (Embiid) when he falls. No offense to Giddey, I could care less. But this guy (Embiid), you don’t want to see him fall awkwardly, because you’re worried as a Sixers fan.”

While local broadcast crews tend to be biased, an analyst saying he could care less about an opposing player just doesn’t sound right. Be better.

The Sixers beat the Thunder, 115-103. Embiid finished with 22 points, nine rebounds, and six assists while Giddey had his best game so far for the Thunder with 19 points, eight board, seven dimes, and four steals.