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Sixers star Ben Simmons gets roasted over shocking tweet after Game 6 win

Sixers, Ben Simmon

Ben Simmons was obviously happy and motivated after the Philadelphia 76ers forced a Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks, but he caught some unnecessary heat over his postgame reaction to the victory.

The Sixers got the much-needed W, 104-99, in Game 6 over the Hawks to set up a do-or-die showdown on Monday. Sure enough, after the contest, Simmons took to Twitter to highlight the job is not yet done and that they will be ready to go all-out.

Unfortunately, the tweet didn’t sit well with some NBA fans, especially since Ben Simmons was largely a non-factor in their win. He only scored six points in the game, obviously lacking aggressiveness after shooting 2-of-6 from the field. He did have nine rebounds and a team-high five assists, but the Sixers point-forward still ended up with the worst plus-minus rating of -9.

With that said, he received several hate and mockery for his tweet.

For what it’s worth, though, Ben Simmons also got some support. After all, his tweet also comes out like a warning that he is moving on and will be better come Game 7.

Simmons will be critical for the Sixers to win Game 7 and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals. Simply put, Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid need him to be that second star as he should be.

The Australian guard is one of the better defenders in the NBA–being a finalist for the Defensive Player of the Year award–but the Sixers will need him to be aggressive on the offensive end and push the ball as the team’s main playmaker.

It remains to be seen if he can do just that, but with all the hate he’s receiving, don’t be surprised if we all see a motivated Simmons wreaking havoc in what could be said as the most important game of the season for Philly.